• frunol delicia® has dedicated itself to healthy growth in agriculture…
    … and has declared to fight against the damaging feeding of slugs and snails.

  • Widely approved for a broad range of crops, our molluscicide baits offer active crop protection. Arable crops, fruit and vegetables, ornamental plants and even small garden plots all benefit.

    Slugs and snails can cause major damages within a very short period of time. They are not particular fussy about what they eat. They do not only attack developing or mature plants, they especially fresh seedlings. Only the early application of an effective molluscicide assures the required protection.

  • The unique formulations of frunol delicia® guarantee maximum effectiveness with only a minimal quantity of product. This is how our slug baits combine environmental awareness and cost-effectiveness.

    1_ Grey field slug (Deroceras agreste)
    2_ Field slug (Deroceras reticulatum)
    3_ Spanish slug (Arion vulgaris)
    4_ Black slug (Arion ater)
    5_ Red slug (Arion rufus)
    6_ Garden slug (Arion hortensis)

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