• The most modern production facilities guarantee the highest quality 'Made in Germany'.

  • Fully-automated production lines ensure best-time delivery of ready-to-go product batches.

  • Patented and innovative production methods. Higher efficiency despite a smaller amount of active ingredient. Both consumers and the environment benefit greatly from molluscicides supplied by frunol delicia®. We produce premium quality products using state-of-the-art, process-controlled, twin-screw extrusion units with fully automated raw material dosing. 
    Exhaustive quality controls - from incoming goods controls to continuous production monitoring to stringent finished goods controls - all ensure the highest possible quality standards.


    We run several packaging lines simultaneously during the peak slug season. In this way we are able to handle even extreme peaks in demand, whilst still guaranteeing fresh goods. On request, our specialities for home and garden customers can be sent on their way to our distribution partners, pre-packed and in attractive displays.


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